Buy Canada Property Tips

Buy Canada Property Tips

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Haven’t updated my blog for a while, since it is too busy past few weeks for moving to another country – Canada is a really good country, nice people, multi-culture, extremely good weather, a lots of tasty food (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western food etc..:p).

In Feb, I went to Canada for educational conference and at the mean time, I shop for the property as well. I did quite a bit research before I shop. Here are some tips might help if you are looking for your dream property in other country:

1. Date back to one year ago, I started my property research online, such as areas, neighbourhood, pricing market, city future planning, size of property etc. I love quite, nice view, near water view, new project development.

2. I look up those my interested property and create a table in .pages with price comparison and year of property. Then, I can easy to compare and analysis. It really helps and save my time. Because I only have 2 weeks for shop my property in Canada.

3. After that, I find some real estate agent in Canada, and I ask questions and communicate with my agent through email. I normally find few agents at the same time, since not all agents are good and professional. They might not get what you want.

4. Then, I have to find mortgage broker or specialist for the mortgage application. You have to calculate carefully how much you can afford and your mortgage plan most suit you.

5. Fly to the country and view the property by yourself. I know some of the buyers buy property through photos only. But, I do not trust photos at all. I travel to Canada and view my properties.

6. Take pictures when you are visiting property. I take pictures when I visit properties, because you won’t remember what you have been seen, as some times you will look about 10 properties a day.

7. Bring a folder with all property details sheet print out. Some professional agents will prepare a folder for you, but some don’t. So, a folder helps you organize the information. And you can also make remarks on each property after your viewing. As I said, you will not remember all properties.

8. If luckily, you can find your dream place quick, then you can put your offer, and wait for seller acceptance. Then, every things will get done easily.


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