Couture Design : Qipao Design 1

Couture Design : Qipao Design 1

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Qipao Design 1 :- 

“Capture the significant figure of women”


By studying the traditional Chinese tribe customs, I found that the customs were made by bright colors fabric and the color combination has a big contrast, lime green with bright orange and cyan color. Also, they used scarf as a part of their custom. Craftsmanship customs are also inspired in my Qipao design. My concept of this Qipao design is Conventional meets Contemporary; East meets West, by combining the beauty of traditional Chinese beauty of western; and by transferring design element of traditional and combining digital printing technology.



This Qipao named “Capture the significant figure of women”. The inspiration came from the portraits of Countess Castiglione who was considered the most beautiful woman and had a significant figure in the early history of photography as a model of her time. French photographer Pierre-Louis Pierson took more than 400 portraits of her and during a 40-year collaboration.

Like traditional Qipao, it is a garment to capture woman body shape. Therefore, design was used cotton scarf which is color portrait included cyan, magenta, purple and sky blue and digital printed#. One means that capture the attention by the significant body shape and other mean capture the traditional in our memory.

Description of This Qipao 

In this Qipao, the pattern cutting was used traditional Shang-hai tailoring method and the bindings at collar and side slits were hand-stitched. Hope through this Qipao design to stimulate the treasure of traditional culture and craftsmanship.

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