• Innovative fashion and 3D pattern cutting
  •  Creative fashion sculpture
  •  Fashion technology application and integration
  •  Apparel pattern cutting methodology
  •  Human body proportion study
  •  Mobile fashion application and technology


Design reflects the needs, the values, the economic development and the evolution of our societies, especially in fashion design that is what we wear in our everyday lives. Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and it requires sensitivity in culture and new technology development. Pattern Making is the art of designing pattern in fashion design created to be fitted for the human body. This technique requires skillful drafting techniques, complex mathematical calculation and theoretical human body studies. My research conducted to simplify the process with updated technology device and to enhance the comfort and aesthetic development for the fashion design. Therefore, I have conducted a number of researches in pattern making and try to apply the latest software applications in the number of devices, for example, smartphone and computer tablets (ipad) etc. In addition, I had a number of publication in pattern making textbook and I am particularly interest see the results of students learning from my research projects and publications.

My future research interests will be focusing in the development of new technology and methods to achieve better pattern making in the fashion design process. This will include but not limited to new technology device in pattern making calculation to reduce wastage in pattern cutting and fitting, new software application in pattern design integration with digital camera support, relation of pattern design with ergonomics design, etc.